​Q & A

How much does VIP PPP Membership cost

VIP PPP Membership is $100 per year. Additionally, when joining a member must purchase $23,000 worth of credit for a discounted price of $15,000.

How many people are included in a PPP Membership?

PPP Membership is only for you immediate family.

Is this legal?

Yes! PPP members provide a shopping list that will be ordered and packed in the event of a flood, storm or pandemic. This order is paid for with the members pre-paid funds. When other shoppers arrive the items have already been removed from the shleves and storage and packed for the member.

Where are supermarkets located

Supermarkets will be in major cities including: New York City, NY Los Angeles, CA Chicago, IL Houston, TX Phoenix, AZ Philadephia, PA Dallas, TX San Jose, CA


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